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Watch the moment a huge cloud descends to cover Lake Baikal in Russia, amid the panic of tourists

A group of Russians, during a visit to the Lake Baikal region, documented a scene for a moment when a huge cloud blew on the shore of the lake in a rare natural phenomenon, although it occurs at intervals in the Lake Baikal region, as local residents say, and the attendance of tourists recorded the scene that can only be seen in Science fiction films of a thick spread of cloud and lake coverage amid retreating visitors.

The video footage showed the gathering of the huge cloud above the surface of the water, and then directed by the strong wind towards the Olkhon area, which witnesses the gathering of tourists, and eyewitnesses said that the cloud first hung above the surface of the water, and as soon as the cloud arrived, the temperature immediately dropped from 20 degrees Celsius above zero to 5 degrees Celsius. Above zero, which struck terror in the hearts of tourists, and the majority of them rushed to hide in their cars and left the area, according to Russia Today.

Some of the tourists who waited in the place of the storm were able to photograph wonderful scenes and take rare photographs with their smartphones, as the images embodied the huge cloud as if it had touched the water of the lake, then covered everyone and brought extreme cold, then collided with the rocks of the area and left after a cold fog that dispersed after a while, then the sun appeared The temperature returned to 20 degrees above zero.

Lake Baikal is located in eastern Siberia and is considered one of the deepest and largest lakes in the world and accumulates the largest reserves of fresh water in the world. It is famous for its scenic summer and transparent ice in winter, which attracts a large number of Russian and foreign tourists to its banks.