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Tunisia records 2,308 new cases of coronavirus

Tunisia recorded 2,308 new infections with the emerging coronavirus, and 71 deaths during the past 24 hours.

And the Tunisian Ministry of Health indicated in a statement, that the total number of cases of infection with the Corona virus reached 376,620, while the total deaths amounted to 13,792.

In the same context, the official spokeswoman for the scientific committee to confront the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) in Tunisia, Jalila Ben Khalil, confirmed that the rate of new people infected with the coronavirus is recording a significant increase, noting that hospitals are witnessing an increase in cases of patient accommodation, which may exacerbate pressure on the health system. .

Ben Khalil explained - in a statement to the Tunisia African News Agency - the increase in daily infections with Covid-19, by not implementing preventive measures on the one hand, and not making great progress in the vaccination campaign against Corona, due to the lack of quantities of vaccines.