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Tips for dealing with your child with ADHD..Avoid yelling and be patient

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a vague mental illness that may attack children and adults as well, during which a person develops higher than normal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors, as well as difficulty concentrating and distraction, and a child with ADHD suffers from lack of focus in school and mental dispersion The inability to do more than one task at a time.

And according to a report published in Healthline, here are some tips to help you deal with your child with ADHD:


1. Make sure your child does activities and games that help him focus and be creative in a fun and entertaining way.

2. You must participate with your child during the time of playing and having fun to strengthen the emotional distance with him and contribute to the development of his abilities.

3. Avoid putting pressure on your child and yelling at him because he is suffering from a real problem and not an artificial one. He must be patient so that he can perform the task required of him.

4. It is necessary to establish a daily routine for your child, including bedtime, and a time for fun and play, a time for learning, and a time for exercise, because chaos and neglect aggravate the deterioration of your child's condition.

5. You can give your child a sponge ball or a toy that does not make a sound during the study time, which can overcome his hyperactivity and help him study and learn for a longer time.

6. Involve your child in household chores and cleanliness so that you can use his energy to learn cleanliness and responsibility.

7. It is necessary for your child to practice any kind of sports activity that motivates him and gives him self-confidence and the exploitation of his energy in a fruitful effort.