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The prices of baladi meat today..Kunduz, between 120-140 pounds per kilo

Meat prices stabilized today, Monday, according to a report issued by the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce confirming the stability of municipal, Sudanese and Brazilian red meat prices. In the same context, municipal meat prices stabilized today, Sunday 13-6-2021.


The price of the kilo ranged between 120-140 pounds, and chopped with all bikes ranged between 120-130 pounds per kilo, the price of the Hilla kebab ranged between 130-145 pounds per kilo, the steak and steaks ranged from 130-150 pounds per kilo, and the Tribianco race ranged between 140-160 pounds per kilo.


And the liver of kandus recorded, between 130-150 pounds, the prices of kandos bananas were 130-150 pounds per kilo, the prices of municipal sausage ranged between 120-130 pounds, and the prices of kidneys and heart were recorded at 120-130 pounds per kilo, and the prices of lamb meat ranged between 130-150 pounds, and liver Lamb is 130-150 pounds, and the price of wholesale meat is between 100-120 pounds per kilo.


It is worth mentioning that Eng. Ibrahim Al-Arabi, President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce announced the monitoring of all changes in the prices and availability of goods in the markets through the Market Follow-up Operations Room, in cooperation with the Chambers of Commerce in the governorates to ensure the accuracy of price reports and to prevent manipulators from launching rumors that may harm the interest of the consumer or Damage the movement of the flow of goods in the market.