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The Kremlin: Ukraine's inclusion in NATO is a red line

The Kremlin stressed that the Russian-US summit in Geneva revealed the impossibility of bringing the two countries' views on developments in Belarus closer, warning that Ukraine's accession to NATO is a red mistake for Moscow.

"Moscow has warned from the beginning against any high expectations from the summit meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden," press spokesman for the Russian presidency (Kremlin) Dmitry Peskov said in press statements today, Thursday.

"Now we can say, based primarily on the assessments of President Putin himself, that the summit was more positive," Peskov added.

He explained that the meeting gave the two presidents an opportunity to inform each other of their positions and realize what are the areas in which Moscow and Washington can cooperate and the areas in which cooperation is still impossible due to the complete difference in views between the two countries.

Peskov pointed to the importance of the joint statement on strategic stability issued by Presidents Putin and Biden, stressing that this brief document reflects the special responsibility that Moscow and Washington, the two largest nuclear powers, bear before their peoples and the world at large.

The Kremlin spokesman expressed his conviction that negotiations on strategic stability and arms control between Russia and the United States should be launched as soon as possible.