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The boxing duo receive a Spain visa to prepare for the Olympics... and travel the day after tomorrow

Mohamed Abdel Aziz Ghoneim, President of the Boxing Federation, confirmed that the national team duo Abdel Rahman Orabi and Yousry Rizk have obtained a Spain visa and set a new date for travel after tomorrow, June 15, and will continue until June 30.

The entry of the duo to the camp in Madrid, Spain, comes in preparation for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, which is scheduled to start next July.

The duo, Orabi and Rizk, succeeded in obtaining two gold medals in the Lithuania International Championship, which was held recently in preparation for Tokyo as well.

Boxer Abdel Rahman Orabi was able to win the gold of the African Boxing Championship in Senegal in February 2020, after an Algerian boxer was injured, after he secured qualification for the Tokyo Olympics by reaching the final of the 81 kg weight competition in the African Championship in Senegal, qualifying for the Olympic Games, by defeating the Ghanaian champion in the semi-finals.

While the national team player, Yusra Rizk, weighing 91 kg, qualified for the Tokyo Olympics officially, according to the player's global classification.

Ghoneim said at the time that the player ranked first in Africa and third in the world in this weight.