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Tariq Yahya: “The player of Zamalek is not insignificant to spit on me.”

Tariq Yahya, the former Zamalek star, believes that talking about a crisis in the locker room in the event of approval of Ferjani Sassi's material requests to renew his contract with the White Castle is unrealistic and outside the professional system.

Tariq Yahya said in statements to the “One Two” program with the media, Seif Zaher: The story of Ferjani Sassi is summarized in supply and demand, and whether Sassi continues or leaves, we must thank him for what he provided with the team during the last period, and the issue of the locker room will fall because of this Sassi wage It is illogical and unrealistic. We are now in an era of professionalism, and I do not think that the Zamalek players are so trivial to look at Sassi or others.

He added: There are players with 150 million pounds in the Premier League and no one talks about them, and I do not think that Zamalek players have this mentality and every player has his effort and value, today Cristiano at a price and Messi at a price and this is professionalism.

He continued: Quarshi joined Zamalek whenever I was playing and he earned more than a thousand pounds, while my salary at the time was not more than 300 pounds, and Farjani Sassi is a foreigner, and when the Egyptian player is 10 million, it is normal for the foreigner to be 30 million.

Regarding Sassi’s replacement, Tariq Yahya said: At the present time, there is no alternative in Zamalek with the same capabilities as Sassi, but it is possible that at the beginning of the new season there will be an alternative to Sassi, and I nominate Ezy Emeka or Donga to succeed Sassi in the new season, but with all due respect to Majali’s capabilities, he did not play for tournaments and we have Who is similar to the capabilities of Majali in Zamalek.

He added: We must take into account the desire of the Zamalek fans when making a decision, and there is a state of love between Sassi, Shikabala, Tariq Hamed and the fans, no matter how low or increased their level.