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Should organ transplant patients take third doses of corona vaccines?

A new study issued by Johns Hopkins University of America revealed that the third dose of Corona virus vaccines helps people who have had organ transplants to boost antibody levels, especially since they did not have strong responses to vaccination schedules, to prevent infection, according to CNN.

The study indicated that patients who did not have antibodies after receiving two doses of the vaccine after taking the third dose increased antibody levels in a third of these patients, which confirms the feasibility of enhanced doses of corona vaccines in protecting against infection.

And drug companies producing coronavirus vaccines were specifically excluded during clinical trials last year, people who were taking immunosuppressive drugs because of the potential risks.

The researchers explained that organ transplant patients suffered from a decline in antibody levels despite taking full doses of corona vaccines, based on an examination that included antibody responses and vaccine interactions in a number of patients who underwent organ transplants.

The researchers tested patients to determine antibody rates after taking two doses of vaccines, to find that the majority of patients did not have detectable levels of antibodies, and then the researchers conducted another antibody test for patients stretched about two weeks after receiving a third dose of Corona vaccines, where they found a significant increase Antibody levels after this dose.

The researchers explained that antibodies are just one part of the body's immune response, so future studies should target enhancers that should also measure the activities of other parts of the immune system outside of antibodies, such as T cells and B cells, that affect how well the body's ability to confront infection.