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Poll: Tokyo ranks 4th in the list of the most expensive city in the world for expats

The Japanese capital, "Tokyo", ranked fourth among the most expensive city for expats in an annual survey on the cost of living conducted by the US consulting firm Mercer, down from its ranking last year.

The poll - which was reported by the Japanese newspaper "Japan Times", today, Saturday, on its website - showed that the capital of Turkmenistan, "Ashgabat", topped the list, advancing from the second, while Hong Kong fell to second place after it was the most expensive city last year. As the countries of the world continue their struggle to get out of the economic, political and health effects of the emerging epidemic of the Corona virus "Covid-19".

Commenting on this, the Japanese newspaper reported that with more than half of the world's 10 most expensive cities in Asia alone, Zurich fell from one place to fifth, while Shanghai ranked sixth, up one notch. Singapore fell two places to occupy seventh place.

Beirut ranked third, up 42 places due to the economic difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused the largest financial crisis in Lebanon and exacerbated after the explosion of the Port of Beirut in 2020.

Mercer said the pandemic continues to cause unparalleled disruption to international mobility, prompting companies to reassess how to manage their mobile workforce in a post-pandemic world.

“The pandemic has added a whole new layer of complexity, as well as long-term implications for employee health and safety, remote work policies and flexibility, among other considerations,” said Ilya Bunic, Mercer's Chief Operating Officer and Head of Strategy.

"As organizations rethink their talent and mobility strategies, accurate and transparent data is essential to fairly compensate employees for all types of tasks," Bonick added in a press release.

The annual survey ranks 209 cities based on the comparative cost of expenditures, including housing, transportation, food and entertainment, with New York City as the base comparison and currency movements measured against the US dollar.

In the latest survey, New York City ranked 14th, down eight places from last year, but was the most expensive city in the United States for foreign workers. Los Angeles ranked 20th and San Francisco 25th.