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Newspaper: Airlines are on the way to recover 70% of flights to Europe and Latin America

Airlines in the world begin to see the light at the end of the Corona crisis tunnel, and airlines began concentrating all their efforts to restore flights with Europe and Latin America, as they began planning to return and restore 70% of the flights that were in 2019, that is, before the Corona crisis.

The Spanish newspaper "Economista" indicated that companies such as Iberia, Air Europe and Ryanair, among other European companies, began to restore flights to Europe and Latin America.

In addition, they have taken the opportunity to restore routes that were decimated in earlier summer periods, such as some local routes, due to a lack of aircraft that are now being rerouted. Due to the new summer season in which domestic tourism is expected to boom, various companies have chosen a schedule in which this type of trip will have more weight than ever, in an effort to reach 70% of the total capacity for 2019.

Ryanair has programmed the largest domestic flight map in its history, with more than 70 routes connecting Spain's most touristy destinations, and Iberia has also done the same with Express, which in July and August will regain capacity it had in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands in 2019. In addition, its alliance with Air Nostrum will also allow the regional airline's full offer to be redeemed compared to 2019, with an additional 60 intersecting routes to those operated for Iberia with the origin or destination in Madrid.

Beyond European borders, Europe is speeding up its pace by leaps and bounds. Airlines have regained a large part of their summer routes, which bypassed the major cities of the old continent in which the correct frequencies to stay over the past months have been maintained, adding destinations such as the Greek islands and regions of southern Italy or star markets for summer such as Croatia, with various connections to Cities such as Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar.

Portugal will also be a vacation destination for Spaniards, and most of the airlines operating in Spain have restored almost all of their connections with the neighboring country. For its part, Air France-KLM will operate various routes to Paris and Amsterdam from 8 Spanish airports, including the new line connecting the latter city to Palma de Mallorca. The fact is that the presence of international airlines in our country not only allows foreigners to enjoy their vacations on our coast, but also opens the door for citizens to explore other geographies.

Latin America remains

Another great destination par excellence from Spain is Latin America. The Madrid-Barajas hub connects with several airlines, including Iberia, Air Europe and Iberojet (formerly Evelop), the capital with almost all Latin American countries.

During the worst months of the epidemic, many of them reduced the frequency of their flights, and even canceled some routes, but they maintained the normal connection that exists between the two regions. Keep it and add another. On the other hand, the huge differences that exist between each of the Latin American countries make it very difficult to generalize the state of recovery in the region.

Iberia, for example, this summer will have connections with 18 destinations in Latin America, highlighting its direct operations with Guayaquil (Ecuador), and as of July, also the route with Cali and San Juan de Puerto Rico. In addition, it is still waiting for the opening of Venezuela to resume contact with Caracas. For its part, the old Evelop decided to expand its links with the entire tourist markets, such as Cuba, and start with other holiday markets, such as Cancun.