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Mauritania records 71 ​​new cases of corona, and the total exceeds 20 thousand

The Mauritanian Ministry of Health recorded 71 new cases of the Corona virus, Covid-19, bringing the total confirmed cases in the country to 20,746 cases.

The Mauritanian health stated, in a statement, that the total deaths in the country as a result of infection with the coronavirus reached 487 deaths, while the total number of recoveries reached 19,756 cases.

In the same context, Mauritania launched a wide campaign to vaccinate 120,000 citizens within 3 days against the Corona virus... through media campaigns to persuade citizens to take the vaccine.

The Mauritanian Ministry of Health had announced the registration of 54 new cases of the emerging coronavirus; bringing the total number of injuries in the country to 20,253.

The Mauritanian Health stated - in a statement - that one death was recorded as a result of the virus; The total number of deaths reached 478, while 32 cases recovered, bringing the number of recovery cases to 19,303.