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Is it possible to get a tattoo during pregnancy? .. Beware of infection

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, but if you're thinking about getting a tattoo during pregnancy, there are ways to do it safely but there are also risks to keep in mind, as medical experts don't recommend doing so due to some risks, according to an insider report.

Can you get a tattoo during pregnancy?


The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has not taken an official position on whether or not it is safe to get a tattoo during pregnancy but in general, this is not an idea whether a woman is in the first or third trimester, the risks of getting a tattoo during pregnancy are itself and includes the following:

Infection: When using the needle there is a risk of infection, and this risk increases during pregnancy due to the immune system.

Liver disease: Diseases such as hepatitis B and C can be transmitted through the tattoo needle to the fetus.

Skin irritation: During pregnancy your hormones rise, making you more susceptible to skin irritation so if you get a tattoo during pregnancy, you are likely to experience more pain and itching than you would otherwise.

Skin changes: During pregnancy the skin on the abdomen, breasts, thighs and upper arms stretches, which can affect the design, depending on where you get the tattoo, even after your baby is born.

Injured tattoo marks

It's normal to feel a little red around the tattoo for a few days after it's done. However, if any other symptoms appear, this could be an infection:

Redness that persists or gets worse after two days.


Pain at the site of the tattoo.

pus discharge;

small blisters;

Small pink or red bumps.