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Iraqi security seizes a number of (RBG7) missiles in Kirkuk governorate

Today, Friday, the Iraqi Federal Police Forces Command announced the seizure of (RBG7) missiles during inspection operations in Kirkuk Governorate.

The leadership said - in a statement reported by (Alsumaria News) channel - that "a force from the Ninth Brigade, Third Division, Federal Police, backed by the intelligence effort, carried out a wide search operation in the Upper Brij village in Hawija district of Kirkuk, which resulted in the discovery of 3 RBG7 launchers, and a 120 mm mortar shell.

In the context, the statement indicated that "a force from the division's 10th brigade began an inspection duty within the responsibility sector of the first regiment in Hawija district, during which two RBG7 missiles were found."

According to the statement, the Eleventh Brigade, the Third Division, carried out a security operation to search and purify the Al-Madhouriya area in Hawija district, which resulted in the discovery of 4 mortar shells of different types, and two SPG9 missiles, confirming that all materials were removed and destroyed by the engineering effort detachments.