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Iraq tightens border security measures with Syria to prevent terrorist infiltration

The Iraqi National Security Council discussed efforts to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border, and the problems facing controlling and strengthening security control in border areas, especially with regard to the Iraqi-Syrian borders.


And the Iraqi news channel (Alsumaria) reported that this came during a meeting of the Iraqi National Security Council headed by Counselor Qassem Al-Araji, where they discussed controlling and securing the border areas with Syria, in the presence of the intelligence services, the Joint Operations Command and representatives of the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq.


During the meeting, they discussed ways to secure the Iraqi borders and prevent the infiltration of terrorists into Iraqi territory, and to raise the necessary recommendations regarding overcoming security and stability challenges throughout the country.


It is noteworthy that, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced the arrest of 4 people accused of terrorist cases in the northern province of Kirkuk.

The cell said - in a statement reported by the Iraqi Alsumaria news channel that "based on accurate intelligence information provided by the Military Intelligence in the Ministry of Defense and in coordination with the Intelligence Department of the Advanced Headquarters for Joint Operations in Kirkuk, the security forces were able to arrest 4 wanted persons in accordance with Article 4. Terrorism during security operations in separate areas of the governorate.

The statement indicated that "two of them were arrested in one of the farms in Shwan district, in the north-east of the province, and an accused was in the Turklan area, and the latter was arrested in the Altun Kobri area," explaining at the same time that all detainees were handed over to the competent authorities to take all necessary measures. Legal action against them.

The Iraqi forces launch from time to time continuous tracking and pursuit of ISIS terrorist cells and terrorist groups in the country, resulting in the arrest of leaders and elements of the organization, as well as wanted persons in various cases.