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Ghazl Al-Mahalla reveals the latest developments in the Imam Ashour crisis with Zamalek

Ali Al-Abbasi, head of the ball company in Ghazl El-Mahalla Club, revealed the latest developments in the crisis of Imam Ashour, the former player of Al-Mahalla and the current Zamalek club. Al-Abbasi said in statements to the “Be On Time” program: “Some people understand the matter wrongly, Imam Ashour’s crisis is not related to the football company, Therefore, the head of the legal affairs sector is the one who talks about this crisis, and the issue is on its way to a solution.

He added: The board of directors has set a line to make Ghazl El Mahalla an area of ​​attraction for skills around us and to develop them. We will establish an academy with a European side. We will collect 40 talents and nurture them in all aspects, whether in nutrition or language, to produce distinguished and qualified players from a young age, and because we will be a joint stock company, our goal will be to achieve profits. , and we will export talents to the European leagues.

The management of Ghazl Al-Mahalla club stipulated obtaining one million and 100 thousand pounds from the Zamalek club in exchange for waiving the implementation of the ruling of imprisonment of Imam Ashour, the former team player and the current Zamalek issued against him, for his failure to pay 500 thousand pounds in favor of the city.

An official source inside Zamalek confirmed that the White Club had an acknowledgment from its counterpart Ghazl El-Mahalla, stating that they had reconciled in the case of Imam Ashour, and that the peasant leader had waived the case against the player.


Ghazl El-Mahalla received a ruling to imprison Imam Ashour, the former team player, and the current Zamalek player, issued against him, for his failure to pay 500,000 pounds in favor of his former team.


The source added, it was agreed with the Ghazl El-Mahalla administration to give them a check that can be exchanged immediately for a value of 500,000 pounds, and this was approved in official contracts that will be submitted to the court to close the case, noting that the hearing of the El-Mahalla Club case against Imam Ashour will take place next Sunday, corresponding to 27 June, They told us to be on time to close the case completely.