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Fungal nail infection and discoloration.. Know its causes and treatment methods

A change in the color of the nails or the appearance of fungi may indicate the presence of a chronic disease in the body, and its symptoms and complications appear on the extremities, including the nails, and there are other causes for the spread of fungi on them. It is necessary to consult a specialist doctor to identify the cause and treat it quickly, and to discover the disease that affects the body.

The "only my health" medical website stated that nail fungal infections are a fungal infection that affects the nails and appears in various forms, including thick, white, brittle and other forms that hurt the nail area, and warm and humid conditions create a favorable environment for the fungus, and one of the most prominent causes of infection she :

1 Going to the swimming pool and spreading fungi.

2 Wearing artificial nails that trap moisture and promote nail infection and the spread of fungi.

3 Diabetes that directly affects the extremities.

4 Disorders of blood circulation, which weakens the blood supply to the nails and fungi and increases the fungal infection.

The medical report added that there are a number of chronic diseases that cause fungal nail infection and discoloration, including: cirrhosis of the liver, enteritis, congenital heart disease, and kidney disease, in addition to some genetic diseases that affect nails with fungal infection.

The report indicated that the most important treatments for nail inflammation are topical creams such as antifungal creams, oral antifungal medications and other treatments according to the infection status of each patient, except in cases of chronic diseases that need to be treated first to reduce nail infection. Consult a specialist doctor quickly before the spread of fungi double on the nails.