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Fish prices today in El Obour market .. Low price of tilapia, pasta and crab

Fish prices in the wholesale transit market today, Tuesday 1-6-2021, witnessed stability in the prices of all varieties, with a slight decrease in the prices of tilapia farms 1, crabs, and fish pasta.


The price of farmer 1 tilapia decreased to between 22-24 pounds per kilogram compared to 22-26 pounds per kilo, and the prices of farmer 2 tilapia stabilized between 19-21 pounds per kilo, Aswan tilapia 17-37 pounds per kilo, and tilapia fillet 30-110 pounds per kilo.


The Swiss noodles recorded 60-70 pounds, compared to 60-75 pounds per kilo, and the moori fish scored 1, between 40-48 pounds per kilo, and mullet "2", to record 32-38 pounds per kilo, and the prices of chilan catfish ranged between 10-20 pounds, and the record The smooth whiteness "2" is 25 - 35 pounds per kilo, the prices of the whiteness peel are between 70-100 pounds per kilo.


The prices of crabs ranged between 30-120 pounds against 30-130 pounds per kilo, and jumbo shrimp prices ranged between 400-450 pounds per kilo, shrimp "1" 300-360 pounds per kilo, shrimp "2" between 200 and 250 pounds per kilo, and shrimps. 2 "Frozen 85 - 165 pounds per kilo, and shrimps" 3 "between 90 - 150 pounds per kilo.