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Fish prices today, Friday, in the transit market.. 1 tilapia ranges between 19-21 pounds per kilo

The seventh day monitored the prices of “wholesale” fish in the transit market today, Friday 25-6-2021, where farmed tilapia recorded 1 “19-21” pounds per kilo, and farmed tilapia 2 between 17.5-18.5 pounds per kilo, and Aswan tilapia recorded 17-37 pounds per kilo, And tilapia fillet 30-110 pounds per kilo

Bourbon "1" scored 34-40 pounds per kilo, bourbon "2" 25-35 pounds per kilo, mullet 1 "50-60" pounds per kilo, and mullet "2" 43-47 pounds per kilo, and smooth whites "2" 25-35 One pound per kilo, white peel prices between 70-100 pounds per kilo, and “2” coral prices between 23-27 pounds per kilo, and frozen coral 15-25 pounds per kilo.

Engineer Ibrahim Al-Arabi, head of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, announced the monitoring of all changes in prices and the availability of goods in the markets through the market follow-up operations room in cooperation with the chambers of commerce in the governorates, in order to ensure the accuracy of price reports and prevent manipulators from launching rumors that may harm the interest of the consumer Or the movement of goods flowing into the market.