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Daily Mail: Police can't track down the woman responsible for the cycling accident in France

A new report in France says the spectator who caused one of the worst crashes in Tour de France history was "untraceable" to authorities after fleeing the scene.

A police investigation is still underway after the girl's decision to recklessly take to the road to raise a banner, with a message to her family, had dire consequences for cycling, according to the British newspaper, Daily Mail.

The accident took place near the summit of San Rival Hill in the town of San Cadu, 28 miles from the nearest major city, Brest.

The closest airport to the crash site is in San Cadeau, Brest Bretagne, about a 40-minute drive west.

France's Ouest-France has now said the spectator's nationality is "possibly German" due to the language used on the sign but there are fears it is "untraceable" to authorities because she is still at large.

The fan raised a banner, which caused a split second in the fall of German Tony Martin and about 50 other passengers, and the accident caused 21 injuries.

Brittany prosecutors launched a criminal investigation on Sunday against the fan responsible for the cycling crash during the first stage of the 108th Tour de France.

A spokesman for the police force over the weekend appealed to the public to help find the girl, saying: "The spectator who caused this incident left the scene before the investigators arrived."

Everything was done to try to find her, she was wearing glasses, blue jeans, a red and white striped jacket and a waxed yellow jacket.

The reasons for the investigation are that she "intentionally violated safety regulations and caused injuries which could prevent someone from working for up to three months", an offense punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine equivalent to less than £13,000.