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Copa America .. Brazil, Argentina and Chile qualified for the quarter-finals after the third round

The third round of the group stage competitions in the Copa America 2021 ended in the early hours of Tuesday morning, as the current version of the Copa America, which is being held on Brazilian soil, aroused controversy before it began, after Colombia and Argentina withdrew from hosting it, the first due to Civil unrest, while the latter suffered from the spread of the Corona virus.

Brazil, Argentina and Chile ensured access to the Copa America quarter-finals, where the 10 South American teams were divided into two groups, each of which included 5 teams, 4 of each group qualified for the quarter-finals, and thus there will be a round Empty, 'Bay' for each team, so Brazil and Bolivia did not participate in the third round.

Arrange the two groups.

 Ranking of the first group:

Brazil: 6 points from 2 matches

 Colombia: 4 points from 3 matches

 Peru: 3 points from 2 matches

 Venezuela: 2 points from 3 matches

 Ecuador: point from two games

Ranking of the second group:

 Argentina: 7 points from 3 matches

 Chile: 5 points from 3 matches

Paraguay: 3 points from 2 matches

Uruguay: one point from two games

 Bolivia: zero from two games