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Colombia's president announces series of police reforms as protests continue

Colombian President Ivan Duque announced a series of reforms in the Ministry of Defense and the National Police, as social protests continued in different parts of Colombia, in which the security authorities condemned the repression.

Duque said at a ceremony held at the Cadet Police School in Bogota that there will be a "comprehensive transformation of the police", and the Colombian president said: "In this process, we strengthen human rights policy and raise standards in the provision of services to the citizen," according to the Argentine newspaper "Infobay".

He added: "In order to achieve excellence, we will have a new disciplinary system, we will restructure the General Inspectorate and create a new system for receiving complaints and convictions, and we will work to improve the conditions of the members of the institution." Unlike the forces of other countries in the region, the Colombian police are subject to the government of the Ministry of Defense, which is An entity that will also be reformed.

According to official reports, at least 27 people were killed during the protests in Colombia, which began on April 28 (some human rights organizations indicate that there are more than 40 people), while more than 100 people are missing.

For this reason, the Duque Declaration focused on promoting human rights training within the institution, “To promote policing closer to the citizen, we will strengthen the training and empowerment of their men and women. We will implement professional standards in issues such as the use of force, human rights, citizen care and police procedures.”

In addition, it was announced that the Ministry of Defense would be modernized - to be renamed the Ministry of Defense and Citizen Security - and the creation of the Deputy Ministry of Defense Policies and Citizen Security and the Education Directorate of the National Police.

President Duque indicated that the police uniform would be changed from the traditional green to blue "to meet international standards", but despite the fact that police reform was an ongoing requirement in various political positions in Colombia, the decision received many criticisms.

The representative of the opposition party, Alianza Verde in the House of Representatives, Juanita Gubertos, said that the reform needs to be deeper, and wrote on her Twitter account, “The president is wrong in announcing police reforms without a process of hearing and broad discussion with all sectors, in the announced actions, there are some necessary measures Others are cosmetic.