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British Health: The Indian Delta variant is 40% more prevalent than the British strain

Matt Hancock, the British Minister of Health, said that the delta variant that appeared in India and resulted in a large jump in the number of infected people recently, is transmitted by 40% more than the alpha variant that caused the last wave of infections in the United Kingdom, according to statements transmitted by the Medical Express website.

The British Minister of Health stressed that people who received two doses of the vaccine should be equally protected from either type, explaining that the delta variant, also known as the Indian variant, is now the dominant strain in the UK, according to Public Health England figures.

He pointed out that it was the alpha variable, formerly known as the Kent variable, that forced the UK to close in January, explaining that there were concerns about whether the emergence of the delta variable threatened the government's June 21 temporary deadline for lifting virus restrictions.

Hancock acknowledged that the government is waiting for data during the next week to issue its final decision on lifting restrictions based on the health situation after the outbreak of the delta variable coming from India.

The report stressed the importance of receiving vaccinations and getting two doses of the vaccine, especially after Public Health England announced last month that research showed that double vaccination was similarly effective against both the Kent and Delta variants.

Hancock said, that receiving a single dose of the vaccine will not be completely effective against the new delta variant, but after both doses the body acquires strong immunity from the enemy against these new variants.

It comes after the UK has so far given more than 27 million people two doses, about 50 per cent of adults, while more than 40 million have taken a single dose.