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Brazil national team .. Tite attributes the deadly victory over Colombia to the changes

Brazil coach Adenor Leonardo Bacchi "Tite" attributed the victory of Seleção in Riomontada, which he achieved over Colombia (2-1) in the Copa America, to the substitutions he made during the match, while criticizing the pitch and refereeing.

In a press conference after the end of the meeting, which was held yesterday, Wednesday, Tite confirmed that when the team begins with a loss, it must come out and create opportunities, noting that Brazil did so through the substitutions he made in the second half, which ended with the presence of six offensive players in the team.

The Canary coach explained that "this component of high concentration was achieved through the appropriate substitutions that qualified the team again, and the credit goes to the players who controlled and made good passes. Those who entered the match had this ability."

Substitutions included sending Roberto Firmino, Gabigol, Everton Cipollina, Lucas Paqueta and Renan Lodi to join Neymar in attack.

Tite acknowledged that by focusing on attacking so much, Brazil risked conceding more goals on the counterattack, but he made it clear that he would also risk making the players nervous at their inability to turn the result.

The coach attributed part of the difficulties that Brazil faced in turning the result to the poor condition of the Nelton Santos stadium in Rio de Janeiro, which he had previously criticized.

"The match must be understood in the context around it and a stadium in a very poor condition that harms the whole match. It is unacceptable that athletes from two high-ranking teams play in Europe on a stadium with this condition," he explained.

Tite also criticized the arbitration performance of Argentine Nestor Pitana, but in the end preferred to remain silent and not go into this matter.

"I'm sorry for what I'm going to say, but I would like to say that Betana has to...has to..." without completing his sentence, the Brazilian coach said.

Brazil managed to turn the tables on Colombia, after they were late with a goal, to seize a fatal victory (2-1) in the match that was in the fourth round of Group B.

Thus, the defending champion maintained its single lead in the group with the full score (9 points), while Los Cafeteros suffered the second loss in a row, to freeze their balance at 4 points in second place temporarily from 4 matches (win, draw and two losses), and both of them qualified for the quarter-finals. 

In the last round on Sunday, Brazil will play Ecuador to confirm the lead, while Colombia will get a rest.