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American newspaper: The investigation into the Trump administration's actions is a headache for Biden

Nearly six months after President Donald Trump left the White House, new revelations have led to the unveiling of his conduct while in office, leading to investigations that could cause a headache for the Biden administration that wants to emerge from the shadow of its predecessor.

A new batch of documents released by House Democrats last week offered a glimpse into how the Trump White House tried, unsuccessfully, to pressure senior Justice Department officials to investigate unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud while questioning the president, The Hill says. In losing to Biden.

On the other hand, the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Justice and Congress has opened two investigations into the department's efforts to access the phone data of journalists, members of Congress and their families under Trump.

This information, says The Hill, poses a challenge to the White House and the Department of Justice, which are also under pressure from some Democrats to release information quickly and deal aggressively with individuals who participated in efforts to monitor journalists and lawmakers.

This information is so extraordinary, so extreme, that it remains surprising even given all of what we know, says Noah Bockinginder, chair of the ethics watchdog CREW, which has filed numerous complaints against Trump and officials.

Several committees in the House of Congress intend to learn more. And US Justice is facing an investigation by the Judicial Committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives about the confiscation of records from lawmakers, journalists and even former White House adviser Don McGahn.

For other Democratic investigators in Congress, the change in administration is an opportunity to renew investigations that the Trump team has repeatedly fed.