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A woman finds her wallet lost 46 years ago through Facebook

A worker remodeling a historic theater in Ventura, California, has discovered a purse that went missing 46 years ago, according to NBC News.

Employee Tom Stevens said he used social media to try to locate the owner based on clues in the wallet, including old photos, a 1973 concert ticket and an expired 1976 driver's license in the name of Colin Destin.

On the stage's Facebook page, Stevens asked, "Does anyone know Colin Destin? .. While doing some maintenance, we found her wallet.. There are a bunch of pictures of people, and they're pretty cool from that era too. Someone might want them. So if You were, or if you know Colin, leave us a message and we'll get it right here!".

"We have close to 1,000 posts to the post and a huge amount of comments which have helped get it to other sites I think it's great that people are interested," Stevens' president Wallart said.

Destin, who grew up in Ventura and is still a resident, said she had heard from a lot of people online and got a call about the post on social media, and replied on May 25, two hours after the post, that the wallet was hers.

On Friday, Destin went to collect her red purse, which is now brown, and said it looked like opening a "time capsule".

Destin said she lost her purse in 1975, when she was in her early twenties, in what was then a movie theater, and noted that it fell through a hole in her purse, which she had placed on the stage floor at the time, that contained a check. $200 worth and family photos.

She added, "I remember calling the next day when I realized it was lost and they said no one had found it."

The clipboard contained poetry and notes, photographs of high school friends, a $5 ticket to a UCLA party and photos of Destin's mother, who passed away several years earlier. Destin described what happened: "It's really cool."