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A new shock in the Alexandrian Federation before facing the clearing because of Romario

The aches of the technical staff of the Alexandrian Al-Ittihad team, led by Brigadier General Hossam Hassan, increased with a new shock before facing the clearing tomorrow, Thursday, in the 26th round of the general league competition this season in the absence of Romario, the team's striker.

And it was confirmed the absence of the Jamaican striker, Romario Williams, from the next match, to be suspended, after receiving the third warning against Aswan, in the last match, which ended with the victory of the leader of the gap with two goals for free.

Romario's absence came to increase the technical burden in front of the technical staff, after the absence of Cisse, who underwent knee surgery, and his absence was also confirmed at the end of the season, so the problems of absences increased in front of Hossam Hassan, in a difficult season in which the absences sometimes reached 15 players.

Hossam Hassan held a video technical lecture for the Alexandrian players, in Maran on Tuesday, 48 hours before the clearing, scheduled for Thursday, in the Egyptian Premier League this season. The Dean explains to his players in the video the strengths and weaknesses of the rival Fayoumi, in preparation for exploiting the great morale experienced by the club after winning the last match before stopping at Aswan with two goals without a response, and after agreeing to renew the Alexandrian Federation.

The technical staff of the Alexandrian Al-Ittihad team was keen to hold a technical meeting with the trio of the Olympic team, Ammar Hamdi, Fawzi Al-Hinnawi and Muhammad Sobhi, to motivate them for the upcoming matches, which the leader of Al-Thaghr will enter with great challenges.

Hossam Hassan, coach of the three players, said: "The coming period is the most important period in your life. The brilliance in the matches that awaits us is the only way for them to participate in the final list of the Olympics with Shawky Gharib."

The trio dean of the Olympic team warned against slackening in training in the coming period, after they came close to the final list of the Pharaohs' youth, who are preparing to travel to Tokyo next month to participate in the Olympics.