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9 reasons for feeling breast pain.. Breastfeeding and menstruation are the most prominent

Breast pain in women occurs as a result of several reasons that are caused by hormonal changes or taking some medications, but when should you worry about this pain and when it is normal and does not cause tension.

According to a report published on the Insider website, there are several reasons that cause breast pain, including:


1. Hormonal changes

Hormonal fluctuations are the main cause of breast pain, and here pain occurs in both breasts.

2. The menstrual cycle

Before menstruation, breast pain occurs as a result of a rise in estrogen and progesterone, in this case, a woman may feel swollen breasts, pain and inflammation, but if you are in menstruation, the pain usually appears three to five days before the period and may subside after it begins or continues until the end of your period.

3. Ovulation

Some women also experience breast pain around the time of ovulation, which usually disappears at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and here the pain is in the armpit and can range from barely noticeable to severe.


4. Menopause

Many women who experience breast pain are in the pre-menopausal period and are between the ages of 40 and 50, and they feel tight or burning in their breasts.

5. Pregnancy

You may feel pain, swelling or even tingling in your breasts as early as one to two weeks after pregnancy. The pain subsides as your body adjusts to hormonal changes after about three or four weeks of pregnancy and then returns in the late third trimester as the breasts prepare to produce milk.



6. Cysts

Soft breast cysts or lumps cause severe pain in a specific area. Cysts usually look like soft lumps about the size of a grape and are more common in premenopausal women.


Most benign cysts look like a small, smooth, easy-to-move, water-filled balloon, while malignant tumors may be more solid and thicker. Unlike cysts, the majority of malignant tumors will also be painless and irregular in shape.

7. Doing sports

If your breast pain is due to exercise, the pain will be muscular in the chest, which may occur when you tighten or strain the chest muscle during strength training, or when engaging in high-impact exercises (such as running and jumping) that put pressure on the ligaments in your chest. It is important to wear a supportive sports bra.

8. Milk duct obstruction during breastfeeding

Mastitis, which occurs as a result of an infection in the breast tissue caused by a blockage of the milk duct or bacteria that has entered the milk duct. Common signs of mastitis include fever, thickening of breast tissue, redness and a persistent burning sensation, especially during breastfeeding.



9. Excess milk during breastfeeding

Congestion is a painful condition that occurs when the breasts fill with excess milk. This is common during the first week after birth. It can make your breasts feel swollen and sore, so you can use a warm compress before breastfeeding your baby and massage your breasts while feeding to relieve the pain.


The report explains when breast pain is a cause for concern. If you suffer from severe pain, you should not always worry. Also, keep in mind that a lump is not always a sign of breast cancer, but if you feel a painful lump, consult your doctor for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.