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5 reasons increase hair loss .. including stress and harmful chemicals

Hair loss is a problem that the vast majority of people suffer from, and we have compiled 5 lifestyle habits that you need to change in order to stop hair loss, according to website onlymyhealth.

1- Tie up your hair very tightly


If your hair is pulled too tightly, it will separate from the roots and can damage the hair follicles, splitting it and even weakening it, so let your hair breathe for a while and tie it up in a loose low ponytail if you like.

2- Lack of nutrients in your diet


The main cause of hair loss is the lack of nutrients in your diet and this will not only cause hair loss but can lead to some other serious health problems as well. Hair loss mostly occurs due to the deficiency of iron, vitamin D and folic acid in the body.


3- stress


Stress on your problems can lead to hair loss and hair loss can lead to more stress which causes more hair loss Disordered, when stress levels increase in your body it can cause hair loss not only in one way but in three different ways, namely hair loss Telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, and trichotillomania.

4- Styling products with heat


Heat styling can be more dangerous to your hair than you think. Frequently using a curling iron, straightener and blow dryer on your hair can weaken your hair shaft, dry it out and prone to breakage which leads to further hair loss.


5- Chemicals


Some of the harsh chemicals commonly used in shampoos and conditioners that can cause hair loss are sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, diethanolamine, propyl glycol, imidazolidinyl urea, and propylene glycol.