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4 healthy remedies for flawless skin, including curd and turmeric

With the arrival of the summer season, there are some natural ingredients that make your skin feel cool and relaxed from the inside. Using remedies such as sandalwood and rose water at home can be very beneficial for your skin. So, here are 5 natural ingredients for healthy skin, according to “onlymyhealth.” ".

4 healthy treatments for flawless skin



Yogurt is well known for its cooling effects on the body to expand your knowledge, a bowl when it comes to making your skin healthy and nourished, if you consume it daily as part of your diet or you apply it to your skin, most individuals face acne problems, which arise from stomach upset due to gastro-intestinal issues. different, and this curd can be removed through the cooling element.



It is a natural product that is widely used in homes in almost every meal that contains curry, apart from the taste and yellow color, turmeric also plays the role of a pain reliever and healer from injuries, it contains the active compound that removes dead cells from the inside, and it helps the skin to Regeneration and smoothness.




Sandalwood or Chandan forms an essential part of the skin ritual during summer. When applied to the skin, it helps lighten spots and remove acne with the help of its soothing properties. The best way to use it is to mix it with turmeric and rose water and apply it on the face.




You can use a mixture of lemon and sugar as a scrub or scrub with a few drops of honey. Apply it on your face in circular motions, and it removes tanning from the skin while also scrubbing away dead skin in the process.