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14 Afghan security forces were killed in clashes with the "Taliban" in the north of the country

At least 14 members of the Afghan security forces were killed, including the police chief of "Qaisar" Saif Rahman Dehzad, in violent clashes that erupted with elements of the "Taliban" movement in northern Afghanistan during the past few hours.


A member of the Afghan "Faryab" provincial council, Nader Saeedi, said, according to the Afghan "Tolo" channel, today, Sunday, that the "Taliban" movement launched an attack on the police headquarters and other parts of the "Qaisar" district yesterday evening (Saturday) and detained more than 30 members of the Afghan forces. Security has hostages.


He added that the police headquarters are currently under siege by the "Taliban" movement, and if reinforcements are not deployed in the area, another number of the security forces will be captured by the movement.


Security officials in Faryab province have not commented on these clashes so far.