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The problems of "Brexit" an ongoing review .. The Guardian: Disputes over the rights of Europeans in London

The British newspaper "The Guardian" revealed that European Union leaders will demand that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson respect the rights of their citizens in the wake of scandals over their treatment in the United Kingdom, including their detention in deportation centers, according to a leaked draft statement.

The newspaper said, that the letter to the British Prime Minister comes after the first discussion of relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom between 27 heads of state and government since the ratification of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement that was signed on Christmas Eve.

The leaders will say that "the European Council calls on the United Kingdom to respect the principle of non-discrimination between member states and the rights of European Union citizens," adding that the deals agreed upon with Downing Street - the British prime minister - must be fully implemented.

The newspaper pointed out that there is growing concern within European Union capitals about the UK government's approach to European citizens, including those whose rights are guaranteed under the intermittently negotiated EU Withdrawal Agreement.

The "Guardian" indicated that a new body had been established under the withdrawal agreement to ensure support for citizens' rights after Brexit, and said that it "is actively considering" taking legal action against the Ministry of the Interior due to the difficulties faced by EU citizens in the United Kingdom who seek what It's called the steady-state.

In a statement released last week, the Independent Monitoring Authority for Citizen Rights Agreements said it was in talks with the Interior Ministry amid reports of concerns about the application process.

The Guardian reported a series of cases in which long-term British citizens, including dual nationals, received letters sent in error from the Home Office informing them of the risk of losing the right to work, benefits and free healthcare unless they applied for immigration status to the UK. Within weeks.

Additionally, there have been testimonies from EU citizens with job interviews in the UK saying they have been denied entry, imprisoned, and forced to endure the painful and humiliating experience of expulsion, despite Home Office rules that explicitly allow visa holders to enter into such circumstances.