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The "Orthodox Church" calls on Russian women to limit abortion to increase the population

The Russian Orthodox Church has called on women to refrain from abortions and instead offer their children to church institutions.

According to the Emirati vision website, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, said in a video message, "Give birth to the child and deliver him to us, the Church, and we will do everything in our power to raise him and make him stand on his feet."

With his proposal, Patriarch Kirill also seeks to help alleviate the demographic problem of the largest country in the world by area.

"We are a big country and we have to become more," said the Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia, adding that one way to do this is to reduce abortions.

Only recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for more aid to be provided to families, as he sees low income as an obstacle to the birth of more children.

It is noteworthy that, last year, Russia's population decreased by half a million to reach 146.2 million, partly due to the many deaths resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. The numbers have been decreasing for years due to the difficult economic situation of many families.

Patriarch Kirill assured women making the decision not to have an abortion, "We accept everyone, regardless of religion or citizenship."

He said the church had set up 77 crisis centers between Kaliningrad and Kamchatka for pregnant women suffering from difficulties.