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The increase in the marketing value of 6 players in Zamalek, Cheka and Bin Sharqi, the most prominent

According to the latest update on the statistics site "Transfer Market", the recent marketing value witnessed remarkable progress for 6 players in Zamalek, led by Ashraf Bin Sharqi and Mahmoud Abdel Razzaq Shikabala after their active participation with the White Castle.

Mahmoud Al-Wensh

The marketing value of Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wensh, Zamalek defender, increased from 800 thousand euros to one million and 500 thousand euros, after his prominent role, whether with Zamalek or the national team.

Mohammed Abdel-Ghani

The marketing value of Mohamed Abdel Ghani, the defender of Zamalek, increased by one hundred thousand euros, to reach 500 thousand euros, after it was 400 thousand euros earlier.

Imam Ashour

Despite being subject to suspension and being absent from matches, the marketing value of Zamalek player Imam Ashour increased from 300,000 euros to 400,000 euros.

Joseph Obama

The marketing value of Youssef Obama, the Zamalek player, increased by 500 thousand euros to reach one and a half million euros after he scored 9 goals with Zamalek this season.

Ashraf bin Sharqi

The marketing value of Ashraf bin Sharqi, who is presenting his best seasons with Zamalek, has risen to 2 million and 200 thousand euros, after it was only 2 million euros earlier, and Bin Sharqi is the top scorer of Zamalek with 10 goals.


The marketing value of Mahmoud Abdul Razzaq Shikabala increased by 50 thousand euros to reach 250 thousand euros, after it was only 200 thousand euros earlier.