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Russia to the West: Do not be shocked by the emergency landing of a plane at Minsk Airport

"Western countries should not be shocked by the emergency landing of a" Ryanair "plane at Minsk airport," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.


Zakharova added in a press statement, according to the "Russia Today" news channel today, Monday, "It is appalling for the West to describe the accident, which took place in the airspace of Belarus, as shocking." What is permitted for an impermissible buyer for a bull, "is no longer unique for a long time because these democracies have lost the true leadership qualities that they once possessed and caused the blood and suffering of millions around the world."


Zakharova reminded Western countries of the accident that the plane of the President of Bolivia forced an emergency landing in Austria at the request of the United States, saying, "You must not be shocked at all by similar behavior by others."