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Mohamed Salah farewell to Vinaldom: I wish you all the best on your next adventure

The star Mohamed Salah, the player of the English club Liverpool, expressed his support for the flying Dutchman Jorginho Wijnaldum, during his next destination after the Barcelona administration reached an agreement to include him, while he refused to renew the contract with the club, preferring to go through a new experience, and Mohamed Salah published pictures that they gathered on his personal account on the website. "Instagram", and sent a message to him saying: "It was a pleasure to win titles by your side and wish you all the best in your next adventure."

Press reports revealed that the Barcelona administration has reached an agreement to include Dutchman Jorginho Wijnaldum, the star of central Liverpool, during the upcoming summer transfer period.

Vinaldum's contract with Liverpool expired at the end of the current season, and he refused to renew the contract with the club, preferring to go into a new experience with a club.

According to the English "Skas Sports" network, Jan Caplet, Vinaldum's agent, appeared in the "Camp Nou" offices to negotiate with the Barcelona administration about the transfer of the Liverpool star to the Catalan team.

The name Vinaldom was associated with reaching Barcelona since last summer, but the economic crisis of Barca prevented the deal from being closed, and with the end of the player's contract and being free, he continued within the interests of the Catalan entity.

She added that the meeting of Vinaldum's agent with the Barcelona administration resulted in reaching an agreement to settle the deal in the coming days, and a 3-year contract was presented to the Dutch star to continue with the Blaugrana until June 2024.

The Dutch agent Vinaldum also welcomed the reduction of Vinaldum's salary with Barcelona due to the economic crisis that the Blaugrana is going through in order to settle the deal.