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Jordan: The Hashemite Guardianship is a legal guarantee for the preservation of holy sites in Jerusalem

The Secretary-General of the Jordanian Royal Commission for Jerusalem Affairs, Abdullah Kanaan, described the Israeli attacks on Palestine and occupied Jerusalem as a brutal act against the families and holy sites in the occupied territories.


Kanaan emphasized - according to the Jordan News Agency - that the historical Hashemite trusteeship is a legitimate guarantee for preserving the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem, and it is the support and impregnable fence to preserve and preserve the authentic Arab identity of the occupied city of Jerusalem.


He said that the final statement of the hypothetical, open-ended extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee at the level of foreign ministers of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on discussing the attacks by Israel in the Palestinian Territory, specifically on the Holy City of Jerusalem, which was held under the presidency of Saudi Arabia, stressed the importance of the Jordanian role and the historic Hashemite trusteeship in Support the steadfastness of parents in Jerusalem.


He added that the Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs affirms the importance, centrality and effectiveness of the consistent Jordanian position. Leadership and people towards the Palestinian cause and its core, Jerusalem.