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How to maintain your child's mental health during the Corona pandemic?

The third wave of Corona has made people more nervous because most of us deal with the fears of losing family and friends, but how does this epidemic cause concern in children and what measures can parents take to address it, this is what the "only my health" site revealed in the next report :

How does stress and anxiety affect children?


The high level of anxiety and tension in the child can be a cause for concern, it can lead to the child's injury with the following:


1- Racing thoughts.


2- Babies may suffer from tantrums or tears.


3- Difficulty sleeping at night.


4- He may have no desire to eat, play, or interact.


How is the anxiety caused by the Corona virus different from normal anxiety?


Anxiety can arise at any time, but regular anxiety and anxiety caused by the Corona virus are different, here are some points that you need to check in children:


1- If your child feels angry and sad when hearing or seeing news of the Coronavirus.


2- If your child does not leave your side for even a minute.


3- If he collapses repeatedly or has repeated bouts of collapse.


4- If the child asks troublesome questions related to Corona virus.

Advice for anxiety caused by corona virus in children


First and foremost, find ways to deal with your feelings about the current situation, because children tend to recognize the moods around them, confront their feelings, let them know that some things in their life are beyond their control, teach them how to solve problems situations in which one can do something About it, talk to them, try to find out what they know and answer some of their questions by presenting reassuring facts.