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Hossam Hassan for Al Ittihad Players: Winning Enppi is our last chance

Hossam Hassan, the coach of Al Ittihad Alexandria, instructed his players to win against Enppi in the meeting that brings together the two teams tomorrow, Sunday, at Petrosport Stadium in the Fifth Settlement in the 21st round of the Premier League competition this season.


Hassan Hassan told his players that winning over Enppi is the last chance to be in the Golden Square, especially since the next match is against Tale'aa Al-Jaish in Alexandria in the middle of this month, and it is easy to win and strengthen the presence with the Big Four.


The dean assured the union players that crossing Enppi and returning to Alexandria with the three points is the most beautiful gift that the team can present to the loyal fans and to the board of directors that support the technical staff with all its strength.


The technical director of Zaim Al-Thaghr explained that the Enppi points will give the team great morale to return to the atmosphere of competition for a seat qualified for the African championships, and it will also be a response to the defeat of the first round of the petroleum team with a goal without a response.


Hossam Hassan announced the list of the team that will face Enppi tomorrow, and it will be free from Rubaie Razzaq Cisse, Mohamed Atwa, Khaled Qamar and Marwan Al-Najjar, and the list of Sayed Al-Balad includes 22 players: “Muhammad Sobhi, Sobhi Suleiman, Amr Khalil, Amr Al-Midani, Damon Lewi, Mr. Salem Sabry Rachel and Hisham Salah, Ammar Hamdy Mahmoud Rizk, Hussam Ashour, Abdel Ghani Mohamed, Khaled Al-Ghandour, Ahmed Rashid, Ahmed Hajji, Al-Sabahi, Marwan Attia, Ahmed Nabil Manga, Fawzi Al-Hanawi, Akwi, Romario, and Abdel Sami Ibrahim.


Hossam Hassan sought to achieve a positive result after the defeat against Al-Ahly with two goals against a goal to reconcile the masses, who declared their anger after reaching the sixth place and moving away from the golden horrific.