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Hosni Abd Rabbo: I have not made my decisions regarding the Ismaili elections ... and there are no rumors

Hosni Abd Rabbo Caesar, the Ismaili and the former Egyptian national team, revealed their position on the upcoming Dervish elections, and said in exclusive statements to "The Seventh Day": "Very surprised by the discussion about the mess of the Ismaili elections on one of the lists, especially since I did not speak about this matter and I was surprised by many questions from The masses are in the street about this. "

Hosni Abd Rabbo added: "Until now, I have not decided my issue from the Ismaili elections, and I have not announced any decision in this file, and I do not like anyone speaking on my behalf at all. When I make a decision, I will officially announce it without entering into a spiral of controversy."

Some press reports have revealed Hosni Abd Rabbo’s desire to contest the upcoming Ismaili elections, especially since Caesar is one of the most important legends in the history of the Dervish Castle and enjoys sweeping popularity within the Yellow Club.

 The level of the Ismaili club in the second round of the general league competition is witnessing a great leap, after it achieved 5 consecutive victories under the technical leadership of Ihab Jalal, who took charge of the team with the start of the second round to correct its path and remove it from the bottom, and the Dervish currently occupies the 14th place with 26 points, The Dervishes had not achieved any victories in the league before the arrival of Ihab Jalal, except for one victory.