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France on the dispute with Britain over the island of Jersey: We will not accept a compromise

France accused Britain of not adhering to the terms of the agreement on the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, due to the dispute that broke out between the two countries over fishing off the island of Jersey, according to "Russia Today."

The Minister Delegate to the French Foreign Ministry, Franck Riester, stressed today, Friday, that the British side imposed restrictions on granting licenses to French fishermen to carry out their activities off Jersey, contrary to the "Brexit" agreement, noting that Paris had clearly confirmed to London the need to implement the deal.

He continued: "We will not accept a compromise, and we consider that the decisions adopted by the British are null. The fishermen can count on our support."

Tensions have escalated over Jersey, the largest island in the English Channel, in recent days, after France protested that the British authorities put in place a list of 41 French ships allowed to fish off the coast of the island, despite Paris' insistence that this list should be expanded to 344 vessels.

France also accused Britain of putting forward a series of new demands regarding the fishing file, outside the agreements concluded during the "Brexit" negotiations.

After Paris threatened to cut off electricity to the island, Britain sent two escort ships to the island on Wednesday evening, and France announced the next day that it would also deploy two ships in the region.

Angry French fishermen aboard dozens of boats blocked the island’s port for several hours yesterday, in protest against the British actions.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron would hold "emergency negotiations" to settle the dispute.