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Can infection with Corona virus cause insomnia? ... Know the answer

Coronavirus infection does not affect the respiratory system only, but affects many body systems as well, not only physical injury, but it also affects the mental and psychological state as a result of isolation measures and the inability to practice life normally, and according to experts, Corona virus may lead to insomnia in many Of people apart from causing many other physical and mental health problems.

According to a report by "The Times of India", many people suffer from insomnia as well as depression and anxiety after recovering from Corona disease.

Insomnia symptoms

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which a person fails to get enough sleep, the person’s sleep cycle is affected in this case, some common symptoms of insomnia include difficulty sleeping and not feeling refreshed after waking up, it can lead to some symptoms of fatigue, irritability and mood changes.

Why do people face insomnia after being infected with Corona?

There are many reasons why people face insomnia after recovering from the Corona virus, some of the causes may include anxiety, stress and feeling lonely caused by being alone for weeks in isolation or hospitalization in a critical condition, besides that, daytime naps also lead to trouble sleeping At night, therefore, patients are advised not to take long naps during the day.

Methods for treating insomnia after Corona

It may take some time to recover from the side effects of corona. Here are some easy methods suggested by experts that can help you feel relaxed and sleep better.

Reduce Screen Time: It is suggested to reduce screen time and steer clear of social media to calm your mind a little.

Organizing a sleep routine: Following a bedtime routine can help you fall asleep easily. Set a time and try to go to bed at the same time every day.

Avoid caffeinated drinks: Caffeine can disrupt your sleep and thus, it is best to stick to non-caffeinated drinks to promote good sleep.

Doing physical activity: staying active reduces stress and thus promotes sleep. If you are not fit enough to perform any exercise, you can simply walk into your room.

Take medication and meditate: Don't forget to take your prescribed medications on time. Meditation and other things that make you feel more at ease can also help you sleep.