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British study: drinking alcohol damages the brain

A new study by Oxford University researchers revealed that drinking any amount of alcohol causes damage to the brain, and that there is no such thing as a safe drinking level, because increased alcohol intake is linked to poor brain health, according to CNN.

In the observational study, which was not reviewed, Oxford researchers examined the relationship between alcohol consumption of about 25,000 people in Britain and brain scans.

The researchers noted that drinking alcohol had an effect on gray matter in the brain, which are the regions that are important parts, where the information is processed, according to the study's lead author Anya Tobiola, a prominent clinical researcher at the University of Oxford, Tobiwala told CNN via email. The more drinking, the less gray matter.

She explained that the size of the brain shrinks as the matter progresses and increases severely with dementia, and the smaller brain size predicts worse performance on a memory test.

While alcohol made only a small contribution to this at 0.8%, it was a greater contribution than other modifiable risk factors, according to the researcher, noting that modifiable risk factors are those that something can be done about, unlike aging.

The researchers also studied certain drinking patterns, specific types of alcohol, and other health conditions that could make a difference in alcohol’s effect on brain health. And they found that there is no safe level of drinking, which means that drinking any amount of alcohol is worse than not drinking, and they also found that there is no evidence that the type of drink, whether wine or beer, affects the amount of damage it causes to the brain.