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Algeria demands France to admit its colonial crimes

Algerian Minister of Communication and Government Spokesperson, Ammar Belhimer, affirmed that his country adheres to the demand that France recognize the crimes committed during its 132-year colonization of Algeria, on the occasion of the celebration of the "National Day of Memory" for the first time in the country.


In a message published by the Algerian News Agency, Belhimer said, "Algeria remains committed to a comprehensive settlement of the memory file," based on "France's final and comprehensive recognition of its crimes and the provision of apology and fair compensation for it."


The minister added that the settlement also includes "taking care of the remnants of nuclear explosions, including the disclosure of maps of waste sites resulting from these explosions."


Today, Saturday, Algeria commemorates for the first time the "National Day of Memory" which coincides with the seventy-sixth anniversary of the massacres of the eighth of May 1945 when the French colonial forces suppressed a demonstration demanding the independence of Algeria, which resulted in thousands of deaths.



Official ceremonies will take place under the slogan "Memory Never Forget" in the city of Setif, which witnessed the repression at the time.