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A protest stand by the Labor Union in Lebanon against the economic and political deterioration

The General Labor Union in Lebanon organized a mass protest with the participation of a wide range of professional unions and workers and employment bodies, in protest against the great deterioration in the country in the economic, financial, monetary and living conditions, and the state of political instability resulting from the government vacuum that has continued for more than 9 months and the inability to form The new government yet.

The head of the General Labor Union, Beshara Al-Asmar, said in a speech opening the protest that was organized in front of the union headquarters - that Lebanon is witnessing a process of "systematic destruction" of state institutions, and that this matter must stop immediately through the formation of the new government, otherwise the country will be exposed to a total collapse.

He stressed that the formation of the new government represents the first step on the road to dealing with crises, considering that the formation of the government and the end of the vacuum establishes the minimum level of political stability that paves the way for the beginning of economic stability and the return of communication between Lebanon and the Arab and international societies and international donor institutions.

"Lebanon needs 5 years of relief if we start today," he added, pointing out that fighting corruption, conducting criminal audits in the accounts of the Central Bank of Lebanon, ministries and state institutions, and recovering money smuggled abroad and money of depositors in the Lebanese banking sector, all require the existence of a capable government. On achievement.

He explained, "Enough quotas, accusations, and lifting subsidies randomly without any alternative plan and in a convincing way. As is happening today in food, medicine and medical supplies. What is required is swift treatment of everything. Everything collapses. What is required is to stand with our workers in factories, laboratories and banks to support them."

He pointed out that the General Labor Union, trade unions and professional federations are launching a "warning cry" today, pointing out that it was very easy to organize sit-ins and sit-ins in the streets and block roads, but all the parties participating in the warning pause believed that this method increases the destruction of Lebanon. Workers are deprived of their daily strength, and that there will be an initiative to form a unified trade union front that keeps pace with the dangerous developments in the country.