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7 sectors contribute to 67% of the economic growth in 2021/2022

A recent report by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development said that there are seven sectors that contribute about 67% of the targeted economic growth in 2022/21, which are the sectors of communications, agriculture, real estate activities, wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, construction, construction and petroleum refining.


On the investments of the 2021/2022 plan, the Ministry of Planning confirmed in a report that there is a boom in investments, where for the first time investments exceeded one trillion pounds to reach 1,250 trillion pounds, an increase of 51%, so that the rate of investment reaches the point of 17.6%.


The report pointed out that the total investments include public investments at a rate of 75% with total investments worth 933 billion pounds, a growth rate of 46%, and private investments by 25%, a value of 317 billion pounds, a growth rate of 67%. Investments by economic bodies and public companies, and a 50% increase in central investments.