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3 teas before bed are good for the intestine after eating dinner

For most people, dinner is the biggest meal of the day and you may suffer from digestive distress in the hours after dinner and the next morning, and it can also lead to some side effects such as diarrhea or constipation.

According to the Well + Good website, eating early evening food or foods that are easy to digest (such as soup, fish, lentils and rice) can help relieve digestive problems, as well as drinking healthy tea filled with herbs that aim to calm the stomach and aid digestion after dinner. Never underestimate the power of plants.

Ginger tea


Ginger tea tops the list of dietitians with healthy teas that can be consumed in the evening, and some small studies have shown that ginger can speed up emptying of the stomach, which helps prevent indigestion, this means that enjoying a hot cup of ginger tea can help make the process of Digestion is a little faster so your stomach won't make you awake while you are trying to sleep.


Mint tea

Peppermint has been used for centuries to treat digestive problems. It soothes the stomach by preventing stomach muscles from contracting, it has been shown to be especially beneficial for people with irritable bowel syndrome.

For these reasons, peppermint tea can be useful to drink in the evening to help calm the stomach, whether it is because of something you ate or because of nerves. Either way, its magic will soothe your digestive system so you can sleep easier.

Chamomile tea

This is a classic bedtime tea because the herb is closely associated with relaxation and has gut health benefits as well. It contains prebiotics, which are food for gut bacteria and can also help relieve constipation. Any food or herb that can help increase the amount of good bacteria in the gut is definitely worth taking.