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3 factors causing silent esophageal reflux in infants ... Learn the causes and methods of treatment

The medical site "only my health" stated that reflux in children means milk coming out of the stomach. However, silent reflux in children is the exit of milk into the stomach, but it does not come out through the mouth, rather it reaches the esophagus, throat, and the back of the nose, and it is possible that it enters the stomach. The larynx and the trachea, and that is why it was called silent reflux, because milk does not come out of the mouth.


The site added that the cause of the silent reflux is many, the most prominent of which are:

1 The nature of the complete lack of formation of the muscle of the end of the esophagus and thus does not close well the content of the stomach, so the exit of milk is easy.

2 The esophagus in infants is short.

3 The nature of their sleep constantly on the back.

He explained that the most prominent symptoms of silent reflux in children are as follows:

1 hoarseness.

2 Coughing, especially with sleep, and sometimes leading to bronchial infections.

3 Estrus and nasal obstruction.

4 sore throat.

5 Refusing to breastfeed.

6 Inability to breathe well.

The site pointed out that the most important treatment methods in these cases are to reduce the periods of breastfeeding, accelerate the child after the end of breastfeeding, use stomach sedatives, place the child at a 90-degree angle when feeding, and often the child recovers within a period of no less than 4 days when health systems are followed. The healthy ones, especially when placing the child in the correct position when breastfeeding, and the milk does not enter the wrong path when it is placed incorrectly.