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What happens if I become infected with the Coronavirus between the two doses of the vaccine?

If you have only received your first dose of the two-dose Corona vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna), it is important to remember that you are not fully protected as possible against the Coronavirus yet.

Is it possible to get corona virus between the two doses? Experts say, according to a verywellhealth report, yes, although the CDC data shows that it occurs in less than 2% of cases, you are considered fully immune only two weeks after the second dose, and even then, you haven't reached the level of protection. The complete vaccine can provide.

Vaccines do not completely protect against Corona disease

The executive director of the International Center for Vaccine Access at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Maryland said, although vaccines provide a high degree of immunity to Coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, they are not 100% effective, and still It is possible for people who have been fully vaccinated and those who have not yet received their second dose to get COVID-19.

Based on clinical trials, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is 95% effective in preventing COVID-19.2, and Moderna is 94.1% effective.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that of the 2,479 individuals who were fully vaccinated with two doses of the mRNA vaccine, there were 3 cases of the virus, while there were 477 individuals who had only one dose of the mRNA vaccine, eight confirmed cases of coronavirus.


If you contract COVID-19 before your scheduled date for the second dose, you need to reschedule and recover first, it is important that you isolate for 14 days after your last possible exposure to someone with the virus.

Available data from clinical trials indicate that those who have had a corona infection can safely receive corona vaccines, and the CDC recommends postponing vaccination until individuals have fully recovered and completed their isolation period, there may be a need to reschedule the second dose, but it is not recommended. Take the test. "