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The Jordanian army develops its defense capabilities with "DTRA" devices and equipment

The General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces has received the devices and equipment provided by the American Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) in the chemical support group, in order to support the efforts of the armed forces, security agencies and a number of national institutions in performing their tasks by providing them with equipment, devices and training cadres, and raising the level of their defense capabilities .


The Jordanian Assistant for Defense Planning, Organization and Resources, Brigadier General Ibrahim Al-Nuaimat, said - in a statement reported by the Jordan News Agency - “The American Agency has provided support to the Jordanian Armed Forces and national institutions, to raise the level of their defense capabilities, in addition to contributing to defining clear frameworks commensurate with the available capabilities and nature. The environment imposed by current and future threats. This included identifying gaps and developing appropriate solutions for them in terms of training, qualification, resources, exchange of experiences, and utilization of capabilities and training at the national level.


For his part, the US defense attache, Colonel David Cobbs, said: “The agency has been working to reduce defense threats with its Jordanian counterpart for nine years, during which it has provided advanced equipment that would improve the level of performance, which is constantly strengthened through the training partnership between the two sides, praising the relationship The strong and joint cooperation that binds the two sides, congratulating the centenary of the establishment of the Jordanian state.