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The Baltic states deport a number of Russian diplomats in solidarity with the Czechs

 The Baltic countries, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, decided to deport a number of Russian diplomats from their territories, as an expression of solidarity with the Czech Republic in its current diplomatic crisis with Moscow.

In Vilnius, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry announced - in a statement posted on its website on the (Russia Today) news channel - that it today summoned a representative of the Russian embassy and handed him a memorandum stating that two embassy staff have declared two persona non grata, claiming that they have practiced "activities not in line with their description." Diplomacy. "

The Lithuanian Ministry gave these two Russian diplomats seven days to leave Lithuania, noting that its new procedure, which came in coordination with partners in Latvia and Estonia, shows Lithuania's solidarity with the Czech Republic.

In Tallinn, the Estonian Foreign Ministry announced that it had also decided to deport a Russian diplomat in solidarity with the Czechs, noting that it had informed the Russian ambassador, Alexander Petrov, of this decision during his summons to her today.

In Riga, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkavenks confirmed, on his official account on the social networking site "Twitter", that his country will expel one Russian diplomat, and accused Moscow of violating the Vienna Agreement on Diplomatic Relations, stressing that Latvia "will not tolerate any subversive activities in its territory." Or its partners and allies. "

In Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, pledged that Moscow would reciprocate this measure of the Baltic states, noting that diplomats from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia could start suggesting who would be forced to leave Russia.

Earlier this month, the Czech Republic announced that 18 employees of the Moscow embassy in Prague were persona non grata, claiming the involvement of Russian intelligence in the Vrpetice explosion.

Moscow described this step as provocative and responded to it by deporting 20 Czech diplomats, while Prague announced in response to this that the number of employees at the Russian embassy was sharply reduced, up to the level of diplomatic representation in the Czech embassy in Moscow, and Russia, in return, called on the Czechs to reduce the staff of its embassy in Moscow.